AREA 4500 mq

The project area is located in the Portello neighbourhood, an area of Milan subject to a strong urban redevelopment that is deeply transforming its nature. The aim is to create a modern, efficient, functional and iconographic building that speaks to the new urban fabric where it takes place through a total demolition and reconstruction. The design purpose is to mend thetwo edges of the urban fabric in which it occurs through the creation of a nine floors building with a terraces structure that acts as a connection between the two types of architecture at the site boundary.

CLIENT Generali Properties

DESIGN Goring & Straja Studio

The volume was then dug in to create a large covered square thatensures on the one hand the maximum permeability of the site and onthe other the creation of semi-public spaces.In the center of the square is added a patio that brings light to the spacesof the basement which houses a foyer, conference rooms, trainingrooms and an auditorium.