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Jim Goring


Andrè Straja

Jim brings a commitment to excellence in design, and a real joy in working with passionate people to our practice. Jim is particularly adept at working with complex public and cultural projects and user groups are typical in the projects Jim directs. His infectious energy and openness are evident in his work with involved stake holders, and he enjoys finding the kernel of value in a difficult situation that can give a public project direction and legs.

André has lead GaS’s competition efforts, winning commissions for housing, resort, cultural, and commercial projects with rigorous designs that create compelling visions of clear ideas and dynamic spaces. A member of the Aia and registered as a licensed architect both in Texas and California, André’s experience in both architectural and interior projects spans over 30 years.

Giacomo Sicuro


Giacomo is an architect with over 25 years of experience, sensitive to issues of design and management. His research comes from the study of applied arts, sculpture in particular, and influences his approach to all the themes of architecture and industrial design. The deep knowledge of the use of materials and technologies has enabled him to add value to all of the projects he manages. In europe giacomo is our most senior project and office manager.

Douglas Thornley

Douglas’s commitment to design excellence extends throughout his practice. He is equally adept sketching design solutions in the studio and discussing the best way to approach a construction detail with a veteran craftsman. This deep understanding of all aspects of design and construction makes him a valuable designer, leader and teacher.

Evaristo Iori
Senior Associate Architect
Paolo Battaglia
Federica Capodarte
Vlad Ivanescu
Press & PR
Angelo Simone
Administration coordinator
Alessandra Di Battista
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