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GaS Studio is presently completing design of a new Co-Living project on the north eastern side of Milan. This project contains several interesting characteristics that reflect present trends in Milan: the first is the completion of a previously abandoned and partially built project reflecting a major priority of the current admini-stration, ie: recuperating degrading real-estate throughout the city; the second is the creation of an innovative residential model new in Italy: Co-living. The project contains 51 units ranging from very few studio flats and up to 6 single room units.

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These units are all accessible from an exterior corridor, similar to the traditional Milanese blue collar residential typology and much attention has been dedicated to common facilities, co-working spaces and exterior spaces which fortunately are present on the grounds. In all the apartments a smart home automation system will be installed, with control also through a voice command. In addition, thermostats and wifi video intercoms, which can be managed remotely, will be installed.

Render_Corner View.jpg
Render_Courtyard View 1.jpg
Render_East elevation.jpg
Render_Interior facade close up.jpg
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