AREA 1000-2000 mq

Burberry selected GaS with PLG and Virgile & Stone for the design and the construction of its new retail landmark, in Milan and Rome. In close collaboration, all offices invested their specific experiences to produce a retail space that reflects the latest thinking of Burberry, both in terms of commercial layout and cutting edge image. The challenge was imposing, as the project had to resolve some difficult and often contradictory issues,

CLIENT Burberry

DESIGN Goring & Straja Studio

accommodating  a free-flowing modern concept within a historic building full of hidden structural “surprises”, and reconciling a completely new and untried concept within a tight and inflexible schedule due to the deadline of the Milan Fashion Week. A truly exceptional team spirit was created from the onset and as a result all of Burberry’s stated objectives of cost, schedule and quality were fully met. In addition the store’s design offers a fluid and luminous journey through the various retail departments and the three exhibition floors.